Hosted Data Services

Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam and Virus Filtering

  • Superior Protection with Red Condor Filtering Technology
  • Inbound Spam, Virus and Content Filtering
  • Outbound Spam, Virus and Content Filtering
  • Independently Tested at 99.991% Accuracy
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) - Encrypted secure communication
  • Disaster Recovery - Message spooling if your e-mail server is down
  • No Tweaking or Training
  • Web Quarantine, Daily Digest, Intuitive Reporting
  • End User & Domain Administrator Level Management

Spam, viruses and dangerous content are no longer nuisances; they cost money. If staying ahead of the spammers isn't your primary business, let us handle it for you and simplify your network administration. Need to make sure your employees don't accidentally send out sensitive data? Ask us about outbound content filtering.

You're paying for it so why waste it downloading spam and malware? Our hosted inbound spam and virus filter means only tested messages are downloaded by your server.

E-mail first passes through our servers to filter the spam and viruses. We then establish a secure connection with your server to pass on the filtered messages. The message transport is secure and our service acts as a buffer, spooling your e-mail in the event your Internet connection or e-mail server would fail.